Three Card Poker Strategy

Keep in mind the following strategies to increase your chances of winning in Three Card Poker as much as possible.

If there is a pair, the game is confirmed

In the case of Three Card Poker, the following numbers appear for pairs and high cards.

  • Paired combination : 3744 patterns (appearance rate: 16.9412%)
  • Combination that becomes a high card : 16440 patterns (appearance rate: 74.3891%)

Looking at this number alone, the probability of pairing is low! You may think that the winning percentage is low. But this is true not only for players, but also for dealers.

Therefore, even if your hand is a high card, the dealer’s hand is likely to be a high card and you should not give up.

Especially if you have a pair, you have a good chance of winning. Therefore, the basic strategy of Three Card Poker is to say, “If you have a pair, the game is decided. Even if you don’t have a hand, if you have at least one Q, K, A in your hand, you can play the game.”

Call strategy

The call strategy is a strategy that automatically decides whether or not to compete with the dealer by the combination of hands.

To use this call strategy, use “Probability of Dealer Not Qualifying” and “Probability of High Card of K + 6 or above”.

First of all, as already introduced, the appearance rate of high cards is 74.3891%. Of these, the mantap88 probability of becoming a knot qualify is approximately 27.475%. Calculating from these numbers, there is a 47% chance that the dealer’s hand will be a high card that includes “Q, K, A”.

Therefore, if the player’s hand is a high card and there is no “Q / K / A”, it is safe to get off without overdoing it.

Next, regarding the “probability of becoming a high card of K + 6 or higher”, this probability is 49.936%. In other words, if your hand is a “high card of K + 6 or higher”, the winning percentage will be fifty-fifty. In this case, we recommend that you take the offensive and compete with the dealer.

Bet on Pair Plus once every four times

In Three Card Poker, there is a 25.611% chance that more than a pair of hands will appear. In other words, if you play Three Card Poker four times, you can do something with one of them.

If you get a high card three times in a row, you are more likely to get a hand in the next game.

Therefore, betting on Bear Plus is the key to winning in Three Card Poker, depending on how often the hand appears.

If you have 10 consecutive high cards in Three Card Poker, there is a 96% chance that some hand will appear in the 11th time . Therefore, the longer the high card continues, the bigger the chance to bet big money.

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